The Board of Directors

EDEP is managed by a 11-member Board of Directors with a two-year term.


The composition of the current Board of Directors is as follows:

  1. Chairman
    Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos
    Lawyer - Professor at the University of Athens

  2. Vice President
    Sideris Theoharopoulos of Panagiotis
    Agricultural Engineer - Researcher, Director of the Soil Resources Institute

  3. Vice President
    Konstantinos Liapis of John
    Economist - Doric Business Harmony PC

  4. General secretary
    George Papathanassiou of Efthimios
    Business Consultant - Chairman of the Board of Directors "Jannous"

  5. Deputy Secretary-General
    Panagiotis Koufakis of Constantine
    Legal - Journalist

  6. Treasurer
    Marina Kalantzis of Taxiarchis
    Marketing - ID Employee

  7. Member
    Yannis Karagiannis Vassiliou
    Physical / Air Traffic Controller (Athens Airport)

  8. Member
    Chrysanthos Karatzaferis of Anastasios
    Theologian, Archimandrite

  9. Member
    Miltiadis Katsaros of George
    Civil Engineer, Assistant Professor (Polytechnic)

  10. Member
    Pericles Loukopoulos of Nicholas
    Naval - Journalist

  11. Member
    Ioannis Pitsios of Athanasios
    Retired National Bank

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