The Association

EDEP It is a non-profit-making legal entity of private law and is governed by 11-member Boards.

The Statute of the Union has been recognized and registered in the Athens Court of First Instance in 2015.

The  EDEP's core  goals is the collaboration  between  of the Dorian scientists.

The joint effort of EDEP with the administration, local and regional government and other local actors to exploit scientific data with the specific purpose of developing and promoting the region and the promotion and exploitation of Doridas' scientific potential is also one more basic target.

EDEP is mainly aimed at upgrading our region, through Dorian scientists, by resolving or supporting the solution of its practical problems, the spiritual awakening of the Dorians, and the emergence of Doris' spiritual wealth.

The strength in unity. We are confident that in this way there will be a special contribution to the realization of the vision for the well-being of the Dorians and the development of the Doris of History and Culture.

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